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Start Running 2018

December 19, 2017

If your New year’s resolution list is anything like mine, its along the lines of…1.Become a rockstar , 2.Start exercising, 3. Make a million dollars. Fortunately number 2 is achievable and here are some tips to get started;


1. Find a running buddy

Running with a friend will keep you accountable for turning up and not just turning off the alarm clock. It can also make you feel more comfortable when starting out running in public- especially if you have a more unco-ordinated friend than yourself :-). Don’t worry about all the fancy gear and designer outfits, just make sure you have comfortable runners and a dam good sports bra.


2. Make it fun

Um yeah…exercise- fun? After a while the routine will become easier and you’ll naturally feel a high and a desire to exercise (apparently). Until these moments, making it a catch up with a friend or a reward system such as a coffee in your active wear at the end, may help motivate and make it “fun” . I am also told group sports are fun too, if you are lucky enough to have friends.


3.  Minutes rather than distance

Instead of setting a goal of kms set yourself goals in minutes. For example I run for 60 seconds, vomit , walk for 2mins and repeat .  In all seriousness though, setting goals such as interval running and slowly increasing it will have you running for longer pretty quickly. If your fitter than me (very likely)  getting up and committing to a 30min jog on the beach with your buddy will have you building up fitness, stamina and happy endorphins. Basicly as the slogan says “just do it” throw on some runners and go for a run around the block even if its 5mins to start off with- its still a start!


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