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Sleeping Posture

August 21, 2019

Sleeping posture, which one do I choose?


First no position is perfect for everyone but there are two positions that are the best.


1. On your back

Sleeping on your back enables your spine to remain straight and can take pressure off areas which may give you pain if you lay on them (ie side of hips, Shoulders, knees). However some find their lower back may ache a little while laying flat & so a small pillow under the knees can take pressure off the lower back.
One problem many find from sleeping on their backs is that they snore and so other sleeping postures may be more suited for you.

2. Side posture

Many find sleeping on their side can irritate their hips, so a pillow between the legs can help take pressure off the upper hip and help the comfort of the knees. Using a pillow between the legs with the knees bent up can help take a twisting pressure off the lower back as well.

Shoulder and upper back problems

By using a thick pillow under the arm, pressure can be taken off the upper shoulder. In this position the upper back doesn’t twist as much which can help upper thoracic problems

Body pillow

A body pillow can help keep the spine from twisting and help the hips and shoulders at the same time. Also the body pillow is a great way of getting out of the stomach sleeping posture habit.

The worst position for your back and neck


Good posture for your neck and back

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