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Rehab better option than surgery in case of ACL reconstructions

April 23, 2018

ACL reconstructions are on the rise up 70%.  200,000 of these operations have been preformed since 2000-2015. 

In a recent controlled study over a five year period, it was found that there was no difference in the rehabilitated knee in comparison to the ACL reconstructed knee. 

This encourages further rehabilitation treatment and methods over invasive surgery.

Source: PMC US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health


For a further read on this study click on link: http://US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health Search databaseSearch term Search


For further information on the increase of this injury and possible prevention tips click on link to ABC’s report:


So what is a ACL?

  • The anterior cruciate ligament is an important ligament that helps stabilise your knee
  • Torn ACLs can cause the knee to collapse when trying to twist or turn
  • Repairing torn ACLs typically requires replacement tissue from somewhere else in the body


What sports/activities are high risk?

  • Netball
  • AFL & Rugby
  • Soccer 


Is this preventable?

Yes,with strengthening the muscle around the knee and regular agility programs focusing on the body movement.


Source: Better Health Victoria, ABC Australia


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