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When is your pot belly dangerous?

October 17, 2017

When does the old Buddha belly or pot belly become a serious danger to our health?

Being over weight in the belly region causes death and disability, including heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, osteoarthritis, fatty liver, and depression.

Although to get a 100% evaluation of of visceral fat you need to get a MRI which can be very expensive. 

As an alternative option, use the BMI calculator and also measure correctly around the belly area.

The Harvard Medical article attached provides further information on this.

OK, so go grab your tape measures!


                                                Men:                                                   Women:

Low risk                               37 inches and below                         31.5 inches and below   

Intermediate risk             37.1–39.9 inches                               31.6–34.9 inches    

High risk                              40 inches and above                         35 inches and above


If you find your on the higher scale of things, there a few things you can do to reduce your belly fat for good.


  • Aerobic/walking 30-60 mins a day- keeping it regular is the key.
  • Cutting food portion sizes and focus on fruits, veges and wholegrain over carbs.
  • Cut out/down on sugars.
  • Sit-ups and other abdominal exercises will strengthen muscles but wont directly target the layer of fat.

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