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Overkill on the antibacterials

November 20, 2017

We are now in an age where hand sanitisers are in every workplace and home,  we are experiencing more resistant strains of bacterias and infections. Most people have built up a tolerance to oral antibiotics making it harder to treat simple infections and the same goes for using an overload of these antibacterial cleaning products in your home.

It has been found that over sterilising your home will create an environment that will produce only the strongest of bacterias whilst also killing off the good bacteria. Overuse can also make hospital sterilisation less effective on the individual living in this environment. It is necessary for natural immunity to build by getting a hands a little dirty. This immunity will help children develop less allergies and sometimes prevent asthma.

In conclusion….use hot soapy water, don’t eat raw chicken off the floor and no need for unnecessarily scrubbing yourself like your going in for brain surgery, is proving suffice, for a healthy immune system to develop within the home.


The most common types of bacteria found within the home;


Micrococcus- This is a sphere-shaped harmless bacterium. It feeds on dead and decomposing materials, and can cause spoilage of fish.This can also cause human sweat to smell bad.

Found in home– Skin, soil, water, meat products.


Staphylococcus-Another sphere-shaped bacterium. This is well known for hospitals but is becoming more common in homes. Referred to commonly as MRSA, this is a particularly drug-resistant strain of bacteria.Staph is found everywhere and does not always result in a infection. Usually found on the skin, this bacteria is able to grow with/without oxygen.

Found in home- Skin


Bacillus- Is a rod-shaped bacterium. Bacillus is a very hardy bacterium, as it has the ability to produce endospores – small, tough structures that can survive adverse conditions. Some species of Bacillus can cause food poisoning, and some can cause illness or infection. 

Found in home- Soil, water and dust


Pseudomonas- Is another rod-shaped bacterium. It can be found in ts. It is an opportunistic pathogen, and generally considered a nosocomial infection (gained while in the hospital), as the organism tends only to attack individuals that are immunocompromised. Along with infection, it also has the ability to produce exotoxins. As a general rule, the bacterium will not infect a healthy individual.

Found in home-Soil and water, and plants





Find out the dirtiest places in the home follow link bellow;


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