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What are the best exercises for my back?

August 28, 2019


Now this is where the research shows us some interesting findings.

Is it Pilates? 

This research study compared people with chronic low back pain using Pilates or stationary cycling. Results were at 8 weeks the pilates created greater improvements but at 6 months both groups had the same improvement results.

Is it a specific muscle strengthening programme? 

This research study compared people with chronic low back pain using aerobic walking training as compared to active training, which includes muscle strengthening. Results A six-week walk training programme was as effective as six weeks of specific strengthening exercises programme for the low back.

Is it Core stability exercises?

This research study compared people with chronic low back pain using core stability exercise versus general exercise.
Results: In the short term core stability exercises were more effective in decreasing pain. However, no significant long-term differences in pain severity were observed between the general exercise and core stability exercise groups. 

Should I do low load control exercises or high load exercises?

From the research we see no difference in the results

There is no magic one type of exercise to fix it all !

Don’t stress there is a simple solution


Summing it all up!

We can see that doing core stability exercises & Pilates will increase your recovery rate for Chronic low back pain,
however in the long term- movement and general exercise is what we need to keep our backs healthier. So walking, swimming, cycling, Tai Chi, yoga and pilates are all as effective as each other in the long run, so keep moving, exercise and its important to keep variety in what you do to stay healthy. 

From the research conservative therapy should use methods aimed at improving intersegmental coordination

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