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Most people equate Chiropractic with the delivery of spinal manipulation. Whilst it’s true that chiropractors do receive the most training in this field there is a lot more we can offer you at Mullumbimby Chiropractic.

Modern chiropractic has (hopefully) moved past the idea that manipulative therapy alone is the most appropriate intervention. Mullumbimby Chiropractic is well positioned to offer a more tailored solution to your problem which usually includes a combination of Soft tissue release work, ergonomic assessment and advice as well rehab exercises and importantly lifestyle medicine.

Lifestyle medicine is an exciting new discipline that seeks to use science to pull apart not what makes us sick but what makes us healthy. Good science is pouring in on what we should be eating, how much and what type of exercises we should be doing not just to feel better but increase our life spans.

So yes we can help with you niggling back pain or stiff neck but we hope we may be able to help you to reflect on what else you can do you for yourself to improve your health



At Mullumbimby Chiropractic, your health is our 
top priority and it should be yours too. 
We believe that with a healthy body and mind you have the ability to live life to 
the fullest and create all that you need. 

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