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April 17, 2018 Health Tips and News

Modern technology has caused an increase in people seeking chiropractic treatment, specifically with teenagers.

At Mullumbimby Chiropractic we have also noticed this increase in younger people requiring treatment. 

Long hours of screen time in the same position is resulting in a growing number of people experiencing; neck pain, poor posture and headaches.


The following article from channel 10 has suggestions for management and statistical discussion of this topic.


This Third Watch article discuses the teenagers mainly affected by this growing trend of injury and speaks of a new campaign  called “Straighten up Australia” with links.


April 11, 2018 Health Tips and News



Been trying to loose weight by taking any of these following supplements;

Raspberry ketones? Matcha green tea powder? Garcinia Cambogia? Caffeine supplements? Alkaline water?

Click on link bellow to ABC’s report on these supplements and their effects.



April 6, 2018 Health Tips and News

We are flat out here at Mullumbimby Chiropractic after the long Easter weekend!

Be sure to call us  6684 1028 or get online and book at



Chiropractic appointments with Brent are full this week and nearly full for the next!! Call us to book ASAP for next week!



We have limited spots for Massage next week!

Wednesday 11th April 2hr spot 11.15am & 1hr 2.45pm

Friday 13th April  1hr spot @ 11.45am

Monday 9th April 2hr spot @ 1pm



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April 3, 2018 Health Tips and News

In the spirit of running for good health mentally and physically here are some useful links – 



Top 10 Running Apps for iPhone (updated 2017)














March 19, 2018 Health Tips and News

Closed Thursday 29th March till Tuesday 3rd April. 

We are opening all day Tuesday 3rd April for your Easter recovery.

Appointment times are limited so book ahead- 6684 1028


Wishing you a Happy and safe Easter break!!

The team will be making the most of the time off. Brent is heading to Sydney with family, Sheridan’s taking some personal healing time out , and Kirsty’s rocking out at Bluesfest. 

However you decide to spend your weekend we hope its filled with Happy memories !

March 11, 2018 Health Tips and News

As some of you may know Sheridan has taken some time of recently for family. She is now back at work sharing her gift with her many grateful clients 🙂 Not to mention the co workers that are overjoyed to have her energy back in the office!

This week we have a few spots available for 1.5hr Massage and 2hr (and this doesn’t happen often!)

If you’d like to secure one of these places before the Easter break please call us 6684 1028 or email



Sheridan Court- Gold 

Sheridan’s treatments usually consists of combination massage including cranial , acupressure, deep tissue and trigger point. These techniques are often found in various massage styles including Thai, Hawaiian and Swedish.

Generally an initial relaxation routine will be preformed utilizing several styles and incorporating cranial work, which is then followed by a deeper tissue massage, tailored to the individual and their specific needs.

Sheridan comes from a background of Personal training, Body Building and Athletics. This has equipped her with the skill set to assist with Sports injuries and Mobility treatments.  Offering over 10 years in massage experince and also having a natural ability in the art of healing, Sheridan is evolving and developing her skills daily. Sheridan thoroughly enjoys her work and this is most felt by her clients.

Sheridan’s goals are to help others be mobile and to help clients achieve their own life goals. Having a pro-active attitude and unlocking the body , Sheridan will also give the client stretches that can be done at home.

When Sheridan’s not working you will find her meditating, listening to music or walking in nature re-charging.

Sheridan works Monday-Saturdays at Mullumbimby Chiropractic, Closed Sundays and Thursdays  



February 11, 2018 Health Tips and News

Brent is back from Japan!

After a successful and productive conference coupled with awesome skiing and a few sneaky Japanese brews…… Brent’s back in the office fresh and ready to go!!

We would like to thank you all for your patience whilst Brent was away and we’d also thank Matthew Hamman for doing a great job of Locum and holding down the fort in Brent’s absence.

Appointments available as of ; February 13th 2018.

Book online or all us! 0266 841 028


February 6, 2018 Health Tips and News


We are lucky enough to have a few appointments left to see Matthew Hamann Friday the 9th of February. 

These are the only available appointments until Tuesday 13th of February!

****Massage appointments with Sherridan are as per normal trading hours****

Call us 66841028 or book online at;


Matthew graduated with a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and Masters in Chiropractic in 2004, and then spent two years practicing on the Gold Coast before moving to London to pursue an opportunity in one of the UK’s most exclusive practices. Here he treated high profile patients alongside an integrated team of highly regarded medical and allied health professionals.

Drawn back to Australia, Matt returned to private practice and an academia position in Sydney, lecturing and tutoring within Macquarie University’s Chiropractic Master’s Degree program in the fields of orthopaedics, sports chiropractic, spinal rehabilitation and advanced patient management. He also conducted performance training consultation and injury management for local athletes and sporting clubs.

During an informal two-year sabbatical from 2013, Matt furthered his training and education in the field of massage and muscle release therapies before returning to the beautiful Gold Coast where he practices what he refers to as Contemporary Chiropractic Care from The Living Well Studio.

Matt typically takes an evidence-based sports model of chiropractic care, which has been shown to be very effective in treating both athletes and those not so athletically inclined. Matt expects to see improvements quickly and commonly uses techniques such as diversified spinal manipulation, drop table techniques, joint mobilisation, stretch, massage, soft tissues release, cranial therapy, active release technique, stabilisation exercises, Sacro Occipital technique blocking, strength training and athletic performance training.


At Mullumbimby Chiropractic, your health is our 
top priority and it should be yours too. 
We believe that with a healthy body and mind you have the ability to live life to 
the fullest and create all that you need. 

Thankyou for visiting us,

We hope to meet you soon.


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